Josh Gray Cohen



On Inquisitors’ fear of motherers. “Suckling Damnation.” Forthcoming in Cabinet.

On the Museum of the Bible, cruelty, and baptism.“Total Immersion.”  Affidavit, 4/23/19. Online here.

On Bovarysme, the Internet, and Rabat. “Elsewhere, World.” The Point, Issue 10. Summer 2015.*

On Derek Jeter’s ass, and body counts. “Heartbreaker.” The Point, 10/1/2014. Online here.*


“Anouk auf [sic] Deutschland,” The Wick, Issue 14. Fall 2011. With James Q. Marks and Robin Myers.*


On obsession, obsessiveness, anxiety, and dads. “‘A Writer Should Never Get Over How Embarrassing This Is’: An Interview with Adam Ehrlich Sachs.Public Books, 8/9/16. Online here.*

On angels, evil, dads, and William James. An interview with Scott Cheshire. Full Stop, 10/13/15. Online here.*


Street Sad. Translation of Luc Saint-Éloy’s Trottoir Chagrin (Menaibuc, 2007). Forthcoming from MESTC in fall 2019.

It’s Only the End of the World. Translation of Jean-Luc Lagarce’s Juste la fin du monde (Les Solitaires Intempestifs, 2000). With Amanda Gann. Forthcoming in spring 2020. 

Scholarship and Teaching

For the academics (and the perverted), here is his more properly academic website.

* = under Joshua C.A. Cohen