Josh Gray Cohen



On the phrase “Mother Tongue” (in German). Forthcoming in Lapham’s Quarterly.

On the Museum of the Bible, cruelty, and baptism.“Total Immersion.”  Affidavit, 4/23/19. Online here.

On Bovarysme, the Internet, and American Rabat. “Elsewhere, World.” The Point, Issue 10. Summer 2015.*

On Derek Jeter’s ass, and body counts. “Heartbreaker.” The Point, 10/1/2014. Online here.*


“Anouk auf [sic] Deutschland,” The Wick, Issue 14. Fall 2011. With James Q. Marks and Robin Myers.*


On obsession, obsessiveness, anxiety, and dads. “‘A Writer Should Never Get Over How Embarrassing This Is’: An Interview with Adam Ehrlich Sachs.Public Books, 8/9/16. Online here.*

On angels, dads, and William James. An interview with Scott Cheshire. Full Stop, 10/13/15. Online here.*


Street Sad. Translation of Luc Saint-Éloy’s Trottoir Chagrin (Menaibuc, 2007). In New Plays from the Carribean, forthcoming from MESTC, 2021.

Only the End of the World. Translation of Jean-Luc Lagarce’s Juste la fin du monde (Les Solitaires Intempestifs, 2000). Forthcoming in spring 2022. 

Scholarship and Teaching

For the academics, here is his more properly academic website.

* = under Joshua C.A. Cohen